Are there any “Christian” candidates in the presidential race?

Posted on April 18, 2012


Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are seriously flawed as “Christian” candidates. The president is clearly out of scriptural bounds on issues like abortion and homosexuality. But as important as those issues are, both the OT and NT place far greater emphasis on God’s requirement that we take care of the poor, for whom Mitt Romney is self-professedly “not concerned.”

In fact, none of the self-professed Christians in the recent primaries have shown much concern for the poor. For example, it is an article of faith with all of them that “Obamacare” must be immediately repealed. But we hear no detailed discussion of what is to replace it in meeting the needs it was intended to address. If we forbid the government to help people who are sometimes literally dying because they can’t get insurance and cannot pay for the health care they need, we are condemning many thousands of our fellow citizens to lives filled with stress, anxiety, pain and suffering. A truly “Christian” candidate must address such issues if he or she takes seriously God’s command that we care for the poor.

And in terms of the totally unbiblical politics of personal attack, innuendo, lies and slander (as opposed to legitimate criticism of policy positions), my observation is that the president has been far less guilty of these than has been Gov. Romney or the other “Christians” running in the primaries.

Candidates who don’t address such issues are not, in my opinion, even proposing to govern in a godly way. So, do we pick a president based on what a candidate says about his faith, or on the degree to which his actions and policies actually follow biblical principles?

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