Is Romney “more biblical” than Obama?

Posted on April 20, 2012


Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, provoked a big stir in the media last year when he said that Christians should not vote for a Mormon, Mitt Romney, because his religion is a cult. Now, Pastor Jeffress says, Romney’s the man! The apparent reason for this change of heart is the belief that “Romney’s political positions are more biblically correct than Obama’s positions.

Is that true? Only if you believe that Romney’s self-proclaimed unconcern for the poor reflects the heart of God. Scripture, both OT and NT, is filled with God’s calls for caring for, advocating for, and defending the poor. Far, far less attention is given to issues like abortion and homosexuality (regarding which, by the way, Romney has flipped and flopped all over the place). So, why should Christians base their evaluation of a candidate on issues that are lesser biblical priorities while ignoring those that God Himself says He cares about the most?

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