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The Start Of The Universe – How It All Began

March 26, 2013


Astrophysics says the universe began with a never-to-be-repeated Big Bang. What caused it? Science and theology both point toward the same causal factor. Four key astrophysical discoveries point directly to the conclusion that the universe must have had a Creator: The universe is expanding. The universe had a beginning at a specific point in space […]

The Minimum Wage Is A Spiritual Issue

March 20, 2013


This morning, as I was reading in the book of Amos, I was struck by the depths of God’s concern for the poor, and His disdain for those who disregard or exploit them. Amos 8:4-7 (NIV)   Hear this, you who trample the needy and do away with the poor of the land, 5 saying, “When […]

Second Grader Nibbles Pastry to Gun Shape and is Suspended

March 19, 2013


According to the Washington Post, A 7-year-old schoolboy has been suspended in Anne Arundel County, Maryland for nibbling his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun. The son of William Welch was suspended for two days in early March after he aimed his production at other children, and cried out, “Look, I made a gun.” […]