The Start Of The Universe – How It All Began

Posted on March 26, 2013


Galaxy NGC 4414-WikiCAstrophysics says the universe began with a never-to-be-repeated Big Bang. What caused it? Science and theology both point toward the same causal factor.

Four key astrophysical discoveries point directly to the conclusion that the universe must have had a Creator:

  • The universe is expanding.
  • The universe had a beginning at a specific point in space and time.
  • The universe will never collapse back on itself (it will expand forever).
  • The universe began with a one-time, never to be repeated event.

Together, those four facts make a strong case for the universe having been created rather than just happening.

It’s a much more reasonable case than the one atheism presents. Atheists say they don’t believe in miracles. Yet they want us to accept the biggest miracle imaginable: the God-less miracle of the universe creating itself one and only one time in all eternity for no discernible reason. Nobody even has a scientifically respectable theory of how and why this could have happened.

Actually, it takes a lot more faith to believe what atheists assert than to simply accept what the scientific evidence suggests:

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

You can read my article about how the four factors mentioned above point directly to a Creator here:

How did the universe begin? Science and Faith agree

– Ron Franklin