Why Atheism Is Bad News

Posted on April 5, 2013


Mark Twain

Atheist Mark Twain

Atheists are becoming very aggressive in their efforts to recruit people to their faith.

In fact, they are engaging more and more in the kind of outreach that if done by Christians, would be called evangelism. But, although they are definitely proselytizing, what atheists do cannot be called evangelism at all.

That’s because “evangelizing” has to do with proclaiming “good news” – the good news of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Whatever else the atheist message may be, good news it’s not.

Those who believe what atheism asserts lose out in every way – both in this life and in the life to come. The sociological data demonstrate that those who have a living faith in God enjoy a better quality of life in the here and now, plus the promise of eternal life when this life is over. Atheism can offer only a worse life now, and oblivion when you die.

For atheists and those who believe them, there is no good news!

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