Why Atheism Is Bad Science

Posted on April 12, 2013


Boeing 747

Boeing 747

British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle, the scientist who coined the term “Big Bang” to describe what has become the scientific consensus regarding how the universe began, had this to say about current theories:

The current scenario of the origin of life is about as likely as the assemblage of a 747 by a tornado whirling through a junkyard.

Yet that’s exactly the kind of story atheists would have us believe as the explanation for how a complex yet orderly universe came into being with no Creator, and by pure chance.

Atheists often assume that they are hard-headed rational thinkers, while theists, people who believe in God, are guided in their beliefs strictly by blind faith rather than logic. Thus, they think, there is a fundamental clash between science, founded on logic, and theism, which they see as based on blind faith.

The truth is, however, that science itself is the product of faith in God. For example, Johannes Kepler, who formulated the laws of planetary motion and is lauded by NASA as the father of the scientific method, characterized his scientific investigations as simply “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”

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